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Why accompany you in

Corporate insurance

Orid intervenes to secure and control acquisition of insurance or distribution or distribution organizations (brokers), mergers, portfolio transfers. It also intervenes to create organizations and obtain the approvals allowing the exercise of the activity in France and in Europe.


Conformity audit

Serenity is essential to develop its activity. Orid intervenes to identify problems and solutions in processes and governance and provides the tools and policies to drive essential compliance activity. Orid is also an approved training center to meet the legal requirements in this area.

Relations with supervisory authorities

Orid regularly assists operators confronted with the ACPR or the DGCCRF in the context of their activity and commercial procedures. It avoids sanctions and limits the financial risks and bad reputation.

Respect is a driving force
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dedicated support

We are not afraid to act differently

Our ambition: to show how to implement your projects while respecting regulations and constraints, but above all, without betraying your vision and your objectives. 

We are not really a firm like the others. Our approach is innovative, operational and business-oriented.

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