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What is distribution law ?

The proliferation of rules (DDA, distance selling) should not be seen as an obstacle. Well understood and mastered, the regulations provide a framework for serenely deploy a distribution activity. It is a source of opportunities, but also of constraints.


How to organize 
the distribution ?

The multiplicity of actors should not be a financial risk or a matter of reputation.

Contracts, distribution and management agreements are an effective tool for anticipating and preserve the interests of operators and policyholders.

Remuneration, a key subject?

Orid is specialized in the implementation of remuneration models adapted to the activity (remote selling). Securing this aspect on the legal level and in terms of taxation is often the guarantee of the success  of the operation.

Take inspiration from the best

One adapted support

From bancassurance to FinTech and AssurTech, Orid was able to participate in key dates in the insurance sector in recent years, marked by innovation and the proliferation of rules.

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+2,000 files

An experience serving a modern vision, this is Orid's added value.

Our expertise in the different types of insurance allows us to support some of the biggest names in this sector in the distribution of their solutions.

Orid, pioneer of major distribution projects

Face-to-face &

Work flexibility

When do we intervene?
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Creation solutions

Our expertise makes it possible to structure and operationalize distribution models allowing operators to derive fair value from their activity.

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Advice & orientation

No one wishes manage litigation or respond to a supervisory authority. Our advice allows you to focus on your priorities. 

Validation legal

Our experience is an asset to ensure that your projects are completed quickly and with complete confidence.

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