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insurance  is a regulated activity. It is necessary to know its processes and specificities. It is at the heart of other issues that can influence your relationship with customers, distributors, jurisdictions and supervisory authorities (ACPR). The protection of personal data, the fight against fraud or the fight against money laundering.

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how to defend
my interests

Justice is not an exact science. Intuition and strategy must serve competence and expertise in law. Through the management of complex litigation. Orid is an asset for convincing the courts in the event of a dispute and finding the best negotiation solutions.

How to launch
my activity?

Orid has been working on complex insurance projects for more than ten years. An experience that allows us to advise beyond compliance with the rules of law. 

Affinity, Insurtech, distance selling, cross-border distribution in Europe, all these activities now allow Orid to demonstrate agility and know-how in adapting regulations to innovations that at the heart of the development of your activity

Thetrust is the key

Talk the same language as you

A distinguished expertise

We offer our clients support that reflects their image. Simple, accessible, but above all very effective. 


Our teams are made up of experts in insurance law, having worked with the biggest names in the sector.

A new way of looking at insurance

Since 2012, Orid has intervened in hundreds of cases relating to theinsurance law. By doing so, we have placed ourselves at the top of the list of lawyers specializing in the field.

Inhabited by the desire to be an actor in your development, we approach every discussion with the greatest pragmatism.

When do we intervene?

Life insurance

life insurance guarantees the protection of natural persons with solutions oriented to their needs.

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Non-life products

All the conventions  concerned directly to the life and health of the insured (provident & mutual).

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Intended for Fires, Accidents and Miscellaneous Risks, IARD allows protect consumer property



Building, yes, but never without protection. building insurance guarantees its beneficiary flawless security.

The discussion is
         always better

We also ensure your protection in the event of a dispute between customers and distributors under insurance, finance or banking contracts.

In sum, we are hiring negotiations with customers in order to find a balance and an agreement between the two parties in dispute. 

Intermediation, for more thantranquility 

Validation & product launches

Our many years of experience allow us to supporting the largest insurers on the market in creating solutions, in accordance with the regulations in place and the wishes of the distributors.

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